Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cisco UK telephone interview

For those that don't know I am job hunting, got my degree so I'd better but it to good use. I applied for Cisco a while back and was told my application was successful and then I completed the BAQ test. I made it to the telephone and completed that that today, so for those people hopeful of finding employment I thought I would note down some of the questions I was asked to give you a heads up. Interview was split into two parts, first was straight forward whats your degree in etc, the second part was a competency based test, are are some of the questions, worded my way. 

Give an example of a time when you had to overcome a challenge, elaborate on what you did, what the outcome was and what you would do differently.
Give an example of when you had to adapt to change.
  1. Give an example when you had to change your approach to a problem, show flexibility, what you would do different (this was my worse question).
  2. Describe in non-technical terms a project that you worked on
  3. What trends are you seeing in technology today
  4. What challenges do you think Cisco faces in the future
  5. What Cisco technologies are you familiar with.
That is all i can remember now, the whole experience is a blur, I was on the phone for around 40 minutes and it flew by. Some of the process caught me out so I hope this can help you prepare.


  1. Great, this has been a big help

  2. Hi, are you going to the Assessment Center? Do you know anything about it?

    Thanks and good luck!!!

  3. I haven't been invited to one yet, though i email cisco regularly and they say they are still short listing.

  4. hi,
    have you heard anything from Cisco yet? If so, did they call you or email you?

  5. I haven't heard anything yet, though i can still log on to the graduate website. I was told this is a good sign, if you can not log on then better luck next time. It's a bit harsh in my opinion.