Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trust me I'm a Professional

Since I was young I have been fascinated with how things work, I may of not fully understood really but I would beam with confidence as my favourite saying was "I can fix it, it’s easy". To much of my family’s annoyance this often resulted in them having to pay for something to be fixed. Thankfully, now I have my qualifications, A-level in electronics and a degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering, my edited saying "I can fix it" still doesn't seem to hold any weight.

It must be the capitalist way, but Britain invented industry, engineers built the world and invented everything in it (just about) but we are a bunch of professionals that don't quite get the recognition that is deserved. In Japan for example, Engineers are the most highly regarded professional, and look at their great country. Some of the projects which are being developed fro mile high cities, and airports that float in Tokyo bay. To be honest these are projects that would never see the light of day in the UK. Then there is Germany, often stereotyped for engineering precision, whose engineers can replace Mr or Miss with Engineer as would a doctor carry the title of Dr.

So this brings me back home, Britain has moved away from its engineering heritage and has been overtaken by much of the western world. Now our highest paid professionals seem to be those that work in the financial institutions, many official reports would claim that doctors are the most trusted professional, but look again, aren't bankers our most trusted professional? We give them our money every month, the stuff we work for and we trust they will look after it.

With the current economic crisis, those 'professionals' are bringing down what engineers had built, Britain; and if a banker said "I can fix it, it's easy" I'd be worried.

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