Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to change the brake pads on a Corsa C

Here we are again, another quick guide sharing my experience of changing the brake pads on my 2002 Corsa C. So lets begin, pretty straight-forward.

1. Jack the car up and get that wheel off, to help you access the calipers more easily I would turn the steering wheel all the way round in the direction of the side you are working on.

2. First thing to do is to gently but forcefully push the piston, which engages the brake, all the way back. You can do this by getting a screw driver behind the inside brake pad and using some leverage push the piston back. The separated piston is marked by the red arrow. Make sure it is all the way back to ensure the there is enough room for the caliper to slip over the new thicker brake pads.

3. You can either remove the two bolts marked by the blue arrows, or loosen the top one and remove the bottom and swing the caliper up. I removed both to give me some room.

4. With the caliper off, what you need to do is slide the old brake pads out. Then remove the four anti-rattle clips that hold the pads in place, marked by the red arrows below. As you remove each clip, take note of the clips orientation as you will need to replace them with the new ones that would have come with your new pads.

5. Now do the reverse, replace the four clips with the new ones in your kit. Slip in the pads, make sure you are using the correct pair of pads, I noticed in my kit that the inside pad was slightly different to the outside one. Compare them against the pads you just removed.

6. Slip the caliper back other the new pads lining up the bolt holes. The bolt holes are actually pistons that can be pushed back to compensate for the thicker pad. Tighten up the bolts and you are done, once you put that wheel back on.

Easy enough? Any questions then hit the comments.


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  3. what tools and sizes needed?

  4. Such a great post... It's really help to all. Which types of tools are needed to change brake pads?