Saturday, February 06, 2010

Hybrid New Album Is Almost Upon Us

It is quite possible you have never heard of Hybrid before, though you have probably already heard their music, in film scores, compilation albums and TV, if not sub-consciously. I am massive Hybrid fan and its the only act I have never turned my back, I'd be lying if I said there is not a day when I don't have Hybrid playing. (Come to think of it Hybrid:Remixes is in my car CD player).

Hybrid are about the release their 4th studio album titled 'Disappear Here', it follows on from three successful albums titled 'Wide Angle', 'Morning Sci-Fi' and 'I Choose Noise'. Hybrids music is best described as progressive breaks, the mix of electronic break-beats with orchestral scores make for some truly epic tracks. Probably the most famous track from Hybrid is 'Finished Symphony' a classic of the genre, Hybrid are consistently delivering music which is well a head of anything else.

A video of Hybrid recording the orchestral piece to one of their new tracks is after the break, I'm sure you will enjoy.

This is an clip from the orchestral recording of Hybrid's 4th studio album, Disappear Here. The video features an excerpt of the track ' Break My Soul' performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.
Update: Came across this little taster for the new album along at Distinctive Records' website, also there will be a free download of their first single from the new album sometime in February. Can't wait.

Update: Album preview 2 of 3 has now been uploaded, watch it below, also there is a new a mailing list for info on the new album which can be found here.

Update: Finally, part three

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